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Hello I am Helen of Bertie's Beads.  I set up Bertie's Beads up several years ago now.  The reason behind setting up the buisiness was to support my 1966 Spiltscreen van called Bertie, this is still on going.  Initially I traded on ebay, then facebook and amazon.  The last few years my main focus has been my facebook customers, alot of whom I now class as real friends as without them and the support they give me, I would not be able to do this.  As Bertie's Beads is run around a day job it has taken a while to get to this point, I do get some support from my mum for certain roles and if daugher and hubby have no choice they will help so a true family business.  I have had the website a while but I am about to spend a significant amount of time raising the business SEO on google.  After running the business for several years it has gradually evolved.  The initial business was just bead mixes which we aim to continue mainly on facebook.  Nowadays the focus is on our favourite beads and gemstones.  Cloisonne has always been a weakness of mine and it is the first section I am going to try and take to the first page of google listing.  I am aiming to deal with one catergory at a time.  I have looked at other websites and I am confident I have one of the best UK selections of  cloisonne beads and pendants.  I am waiting on a book ( I have been listening to the audible book whilst half sleeping) to help me build the ranking.